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      1. Absolutely! I aim to fundraise for ‘gain charity’ as they support fundraising into much needed research into finding a cure.
        please take a look at the ‘sponsor me’ menu above to find out more…

    1. It has taken me a while to complete the site. Getting time to write my story has been the hurdle while ‘getting better slowly’ I hope you like it. In time I will hopefully add experiences from others who may have suffered from Guillain-Barré & Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies. So please get in touch if you also have a story to tell and I will add it to the site for others to read.

  1. Very moved reading through your story and I think it’s fantastic you are raising awareness of miller fisher syndrome. Good luck and hope it all goes well!

  2. Hi my name is Terry I myself have suffered with both diseases. I am at the point of learning to walk again this all started for me June 28it is now oct8.it has been hell.i went thu everything you did.i woiuld say it was the scariest thing inmy life. I have ever exsperienced

    1. It is truly horrific and I can sympathise with your struggle. Never ever give up hope! I didn’t and was determined to get back to where I was. I struggled for around 6 months and the remaining issues slowly went away over the next 6 months. Facial exercises were very tedious but eventually they did make a difference. I can’t stress enough the importance of exercise to get your muscles back to where they were. I now only have some slight deficits but extremely lucky to only have this. Once I had the energy I tried yoga to build strength which seemed to work very well.

    1. When I was ill, those around me tried to find out about this strange illness. There didn’t, and still doesn’t seem to be much info available anywhere. Hence now Im fit enough I thought to do this to try to help those who suffer from GBS and MFS. I hope that explaining what happened to me to overcome this and to describe the effects may give others hope about their prognosis. I hope you yourself made full recovery. 🙂

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